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We deliver the first algorithm for everybody to:

  • Get the central blood pressure values (the ones in your aorta)
  • Evaluate your personal risk for heart attack and stroke by comparing central blood pressure with upper arm blood pressure
  • Check the health status of your arteries
  • Improve your blood pressure therapy

Our Solutions



Benefit from a faster and more successful hypertension therapy.



Get all the information you were always looking for about your health status.



Monitor your health now and have a safe and healthy life.

We care for your Health.

André B.

(53, General Practitioner)


“I’m really looking forward to get the Redwave product. Finally, I can optimize the treatment of my hypertension patients.”

Maximilian G.

(37, Construction Engineer)


“Almost all of my family is suffering from high blood pressure. With Redwave I can detect my own risk way earlier.”


Erna F.

(72, Pensioner)


“I have high blood pressure for 5 years. Although I take my meds, I’m afraid to get a heart attack. With Redwave I can control my risk.”






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