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We are your partner for intelligent algorithms in the cardiovascular field. We deliver innovative solutions for the medically accurate determination of health parameters of blood pressure, arterial function and cardiac output. The focus of our work is the quick and easy determination of individual measured values with the highest, clinically validated accuracy.

  • Medically valid values for early detection and therapy support
  • Integration into your product portfolio via plug & play
  • Independence from falsifying input values such as patient age
  • Support for individual therapy decisions through precise values

Our algorithms provide innovative solutions for single-, 24-h-interval- and continuous measurement of central and brachial blood pressure. The measurement results are validated against the gold standard and reliably detect various forms of blood pressure changes.

With the integration of our algorithms a fast early detection of arterial stiffness and early vascular ageing as an independent predictor of cardiovascular events is possible to assess the overall cardiovascular risk.

Heart Failure

Determining the performance of the heart is essential for a complete risk assessment of a possible cardiovascular event. For example, the stroke volume provides information about the pumping capacity of the heart and can help to detect heart failure in time.


Describes the interaction of the entire cardiovascular regulation and potential disturbances in the regulatory processes. Of particular relevance is the natural, healthy variance of vital parameters and the reaction speed as well as the extent of stressors.

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Measurement on upper arm
With our algorithm

The Antares algorithm processes the oscillometric pressure curves in the deflation process of any standard upper arm cuff blood pressure measurement. Our modules are validated against the (invasive) gold standard and allow the measurement of various cardiovascular parameters and other optional features.