Hypertension – the deadliest risk factor for women worldwide

Hypertension is the deadliest risk factor for women worldwide. There is growing evidence that blood pressure rises faster in women than in men at an older age. While more men under the age of 65 are known to have hypertension, more women develop hypertension and suffer from its associated cardiovascular events as they age.

Reasons could be:

  • hormone-related conditions
  • menopause
tödlichste Risikofaktor für Frauen weltweitSource: The Lancet; VOLUME 396, ISSUE 10258, P1223-1249, OCTOBER 17, 2020

We support the strive for a better understanding of and differentiated view on cardiovascular diseases in terms of gender. Therefore, we need to unhide the details of cardiovascular health and measure heart and artery health parameters regularly. Pulse Wave Analysis and Pulse Wave Phenotyping is the way to provide a heart and artery health status and track changes, as the values provided by our algorithms are purely based on the morphology of the pulse waves. This enables individual predictive medicine of the future, the evaluation of lifetime risk for cardiovascular events, and increasing the health span in life by actively minimizing everyone’s risk.

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