Redwave Medical is nominated for the XXV. Innovation Award Thuringia

Press release | Weimar 30.11.2022

On November 30, 2022, the Innovation Award Thuringia was awarded for the 25th time in Weimar. The Innovation Award Thuringia is considered nationwide as one of the highest-valued awards in this field. The prize recognizes the innovative strength of companies and is intended to encourage the development of new products. It is awarded in the categories “Tradition & Future”, “Industry & Materials”, “Digital & Media” and “Light & Life”. Redwave Medical made it to the top 20 and competed with 2 other companies in the category “Light & Life”.

About Redwave Medical
Redwave Medical GmbH, based in Jena, Germany, has developed a solution that requires only a small optical sensor, worn as a wristband, for example. Based on a self-developed algorithm, the company uses pulse wave analysis. This makes it possible, for example, to also determine blood pressure in the aorta and gain a much more precise insight into the status of the cardiovascular system. With the Arktur algorithm kit – the device-independent technology is currently being validated – Redwave Medical enables 24-hour measurements without a cuff. Well-known manufacturers are already showing interest in the development. “Patients benefit from the gain in comfort. Pulse wave analysis also adds diagnostic value,” says CEO Verena Dittrich.

The competition received 62 applications, which were reviewed and evaluated by a 19-member jury in a two-stage process. When awarding prizes, the jury decides on criteria such as degree of innovation, entrepreneurial performance, functionality, practical value and commercial success. In addition, the competition entries must already have been launched on the market or be about to be launched. A further requirement is that the innovation presented must have been developed or manufactured predominantly in Thuringia.